When You Drink Vodka Every Night, This Is What Happens To Your Body

According to a 2018 study (via Discover), alcohol is the third-leading cause of death in the United States. The World Health Organization (WHO) also states that “alcohol use is a risk factor for many cancer types including cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver, colorectum and breast.” But there’s a little more to the story. Well, the benefits — drinking after work and consequences — of beer vary greatly by how much you drink. According to science, this is everything that happens to your body when you drink one beer — or one too many — every night. Finally and most importantly, any indication that your social, personal, or professional life is suffering due to alcohol is a sign that you need to make some changes, Lavella says.

drinking every night after work

By getting information on how to stop drinking alcohol every night, and applying it to your life, you can start to take steps to reduce the risk of alcohol having or continuing to have a damaging impact on your health and wellbeing. If you have been spending time searching online for information on how to stop drinking alcohol every night, you may have started to become a little concerned about your drinking habits. It’s often a relief to knock back a drink or two after a long day at work, and as an added incentive, happy hour is usually from 4–6 p.m., coinciding perfectly with the end of the workday. After work drinks are the perfect excuse to celebrate the end of a successful project or the start of a big one. But sometimes, one drink leads to two or three, and before you know it, you’ve bought a couple rounds for the entire office. Even if you only end up having a cocktail or two, when you look at your bank statement at the end of the month, it’s the small expenses that add up to surprising figures.

When You Drink Vodka Every Night, This Is What Happens To Your Body

The approach that will be most suitable for you will depend on a number of factors, which we will also look into. Have you noticed that ever since you started drinking vodka every night that you’ve been more likely to get sick during cold and flu season? If so, it’s possible that your daily vodka intake is responsible for you getting under the weather, according to the Cleveland Clinic. That’s because https://ecosoberhouse.com/ alcohol can have a negative impact on your immune system, rendering you more vulnerable to the flu, colds, and other infections. The reason for this, according to Cobb, is because vodka has an impact on one specific kind of sleep. “REM sleep is important for things like learning and brain health, and while that might suffer you may feel rested.” So your mileage may vary if you drink vodka every night.

If you’ve started drinking more than you usually would, and is starting to impact on your life, it may be time to look a little bit closer at your drinking habits. One might assume that perhaps a light beer is the best way to end a long day in the office but in fact, it was found that over 1 in 10 workers say they drink shots during afterwork drinks. This may be why 14% of respondents admitted that, on at least one occasion, they’ve acted inappropriately during afterwork drinks. After you drink vodka drinks all night long, do you find yourself waking up in the morning feeling awful?


If you want to cut back, consider how you could restructure your time to rewire your habits. For example, you could join a club, make it a routine to take your dog to the park, or ride a bike around town. When you fill your time with engaging activities (and especially when you change your environment), you can shift your mind away from those old drinking habit loops. “Dependence often goes hand in hand with addiction, but they’re not the same things,” George Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, explained to Men’s Health. “You can become dependent on almost any substance if it’s part of your daily rhythm, but that doesn’t mean you’re addicted.” As such, dependence isn’t unique to beer or even alcohol.

  • If that describes your Friday and Saturday nights, AND you’re knocking back a couple drinks every night during the week, you’re firmly in the danger zone.
  • “That’s why people talk about having an increased tolerance to alcohol, because the liver has adapted to cope with it.”
  • This comforting cocktail is perfect for the holiday season, with seasonal spices, a bold red wine, and bright orange.
  • Hot Toddy is a warm and soothing cocktail that is perfect for a cozy drink on a cold winter night.
  • In many organizations, drinking at work is even encouraged, with some companies proudly promoting their Thursday afternoon beer cart perks for recruitment purposes.

Additionally, it can cause you to develop hemorrhoids, ulcers in your stomach, and even internal bleeding, which is about as dangerous as it sounds. Drinking too much vodka every night can also damage your intestines, which can lead to malnutrition as your body can’t absorb nutrients from food properly. And if you’re malnourished, you’re at risk for a whole host of medical problems, according to Medical News Today. Do you ever have problems falling asleep at night no matter how tired you are or how busy your day was?

Yes, After-Work Drinking Is a Serious Workplace Issue

“One study suggests that vodka and wine may help improve cholesterol levels by boosting the HDL cholesterol (also referred to as ‘good cholesterol’) in the blood,” she told The List. “Another study found that both red wine and vodka may help cardiovascular health by increasing blood vessel formation.” The first stage of alcoholism is a general experimentation with the substance. Individuals in this stage may not be familiar with different types of alcohol, so they are more likely to test their limits.

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