House Rules in Sober Houses

Content Similarities Between Sober Living and Halfway Houses What are the Duties and Responsibilities of Halfway Houses? APPLY FOR TREATMENT Attending Weekly Recovery Meetings STEP EDUCATION PROGRAM PROCEDURES Sober Living Houses vs. Halfway Houses Learning everything you can about different parts of the process can help you feel more prepared to prioritize your wellbeing and seek treatment. That’s why we’re […]

Helping Someone with a Drinking Problem

Content Social barriers More in Addiction 4.4. Psychiatric comorbidity Project Timeline It should be noted that DSM is currently under revision, but the final version of DSM–V will not be published until 2013 (APA, 2010). The hormonal stress response is mediated by a system known as the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenocortical (HPA) axis. Within this system, stress induces the release of the hormone […]