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Human Capital Services and Development

Human Resource Development in the 21st century is developing rapidly along with the rapid development of technology that supports the competence of these resources. Comprehensive and continuous improvement of HR competencies is unavoidable as the Company’s efforts to remain competitive.

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About Us

” We aim to provide total Human Capital Solution to Our Clients”

AKP Was Founded in 2011 by UI- Psychologist graduates and team.
We provide range of services covering Training and Development, Outsourcing services, and HR Consultant
We are backed by professional team with adequate supporting system and our extensive networks to support our business 


Full Outsourcing Services

We ensure all the created programs and services provide new added values to all clients’ stakeholders
Maintain competent employee status under Outsourcing payroll system.
The employee selection process will be arranged and handled by us with final approval by the client. Provide provision of temporary or permanent replacement services caused by employee absence

Training & Development

We provide the Most up-to-date learning Training subjects and skill with most advance and varieties of learning journeys.
Creating training program with personnel and industrial approaches to meet client needs in the process of developing employee competencies in an up-to-date massive industrial growth 

HR Consultant Services

We provide management consultancies with HR Service Excellence approach to meet Company’s Goals.

Provide program consultant services to the needs and complex problems regarding Human Capital in corporations.

Consulting services include HR Framework, Training Needs Analysis, KPI development and implementation

Our Latest Programs

Digital Transformation

This program helps a company to perform a transformation in more holistic way. Digital transformation changes the way an organization operates in  Systems, processes, workflow, and culture in more effective way. By implementing this transformation your company will deliver new value to your all stakeholders ibebet 1xbet australia at


Digital Leadership

Digital leadership is strategic leadership that utilizes a company’s digital assets to achieve organizational goals. Digital Leadership brings more benefit to the companies in Financial Performance, Better culture in Decision Making, and brings more engagement for employees.

Digital Marketing

This program helps the company in building their promotion strategy in more efficient way, better conversion rate, higher ROI and winning customer loyalty






Professional Trainers


Indoor and outdoor Events

“Misi kami adalah memberikan solusi terbaik dan mengikuti perkembangan Managment Human Capital kepada klien kami..”

Kami Memberikan Suasana Kelas Atas selama program pelatihan dengan menyediakan berbagai Learning Method, activities dan events .
Kami mengembangkan program dan layanan yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan klien berdasarkan berbagai situasi klien, pedoman dan kebutuhan bisnis untuk tumbuh cepat.
Kami memastikan semua program dan layanan yang dibuat memberikan nilai tambah baru bagi semua pemangku kepentingan klien

Our Team

Our Awesome Team

Adhi Wijaksana


More than 12 years

corporate Human Resources. Mastering the development motivation for individual  and organization. Graduate form  Psychology –University of Indonesia

Andy C Kamili



Experience more than 20 years in Banking, dealing with retail business, Leadership and digital business. Graduate from MBA – Australian National University

Dr Ir Ichsan Gaffar , MM





Experience more than 35 years in Marketing, Services, and  Human Capital. Holding Doctoral Degree from University of Brawijaya, and Certified Professional by MarkPlus Inc and BNSP

Nurkesuma S Arbi





Experience more than 20 years consulting Corp’s human in Financial Industry. Awarded as Best HR Leader by HR Word Congress 2020. Hold BNSP Certification,  Graduate form  Psychology –University of Indonesia

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